Ander Gates Clown

I dare you

I dare you to be silly, I dare you to take space, I dare you to step into your most fabulous self!

Dance, drag and clown helped me discover myself, overcome self-judgements, and be more bold. Now I share them to help others grow and fulfill their potentials.

My Offerings

Supportive spaces to move, play, explore and express oneself.
Body positive, queer positive, beginner positive.


Improvisation, connection, and emotional expression. This is a physical theatre class where we practice playing, following our impulses, and connecting with each other and an audience.


A dance class focused on attitude, sass, and sensuality! Inspirations include drag culture, vogue, burlesque and wacking. Classes focus on 'tude more than technique, and are beginner friendly.


Drag is an art form that plays with gender as self-expression and political commentary. We play dress-up, explore characters dance and movement, learn make-up, and create performances! For drag queens, drag kings, and gender-bent royalty.

Learn about upcoming classes open to the public:

private classes:

Creating a solo performance by yourself can challenging. You might not know where to start, or know how bring yours ideas together in a way that will work onstage.  You might need an outside eye or advice on a certain aspect of the act.

I can help you to bring your performance creation to reality! 

More things we can do in a private class:

- Learn dance moves, at your speed, in your style.
- Create and explore characters
- Discover and clarify your aesthetic 
- Learn drag makeup

private classes: group

I teach workshops to groups.
- get out of your heads and into your bodies.
- play and laugh together. Boost your creativity and bond as a group!

It could be:
- Bringing some much needed fun and sillyness to your workplace or organisation
- Bringing that extra element to a birthday party or bachelorette party

I teach adults, teenagers, and children, in English, French or both.

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