Ander Gates Clown

Teaching Play

I bring people together, and create a non-judgemental space to their bodies, play, explore and express themselves.

Dance, drag and clown helped me know myself, overcome self-judgement, and be more bold. I strive to help others do the same!

I want you to be more fabulous in your life, and (if you dare) onstage!



Improvisation, connection, and emotional expression. This is a physical theatre class where we get silly, follow our impulses, and connect with an audience.


A dance class focused on attitude, sass, and sensuality! Inspirations include drag culture, burlesque, vogue and wacking. Classes are friendly to beginners and focus on 'tude more than technique.


Drag is an art form that plays with gender, both as self-expression and political commentary. It is an explosion of fashion, makeup, and persona. We learn about the history and diversity of drag, explore our personas, jumpstart act creation, and yes, makeup and dress-up! For drag queens, drag kings, and gender-bent royalty.

Two ways to find out about upcoming classes and workshops:

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